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Mike Brown

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Fighter Mike Brown


Mike Brown brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Mike Brown Biography - Mike Brown MMA Record

The Mike Brown Biography

Mike Thomas Brown was born September 8th 1975 in Portland, Maine. Mike Brown is a MMA fighter best known for his time in the UFC and WEC.

Mike Brown is a 1 time WEC Featherweight Champion, 1 time WEC Fight of the night, 1 time WEC Knockout of the Night and 1 time WEC Submission of the Night.

Mike Brown MMA Record
Total fights = 34
Wins = 26
Wins by knockout = 5
Wins by submission = 13
Wins by decision = 8
Losses = 8

Mike Thomas Brown Biography

Mike Thomas Brown MMA Record

Mike Brown has beat big names such as Mark Hominick, Yves Edwards, Urijah Faber (twice), Leonard Garcia and more.

Did you know?

  • Mike Brown fights with a Wrestling, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style

Mike Brown Products

Mike Brown MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Jeff Darienzo Win Submission
2. Vinny Brightman Win Submission
3. Hermes Franca Loss Submission
4. Edward Odquina Win Submission
5. Bill Mahoney Win Submission
6. Mike Large Win Submission
7. Shawn Graham Win TKO
8. Mark Hominick Win Submission
9. Renat Mirzabekov Win Submission
10. Leigh Remedios Win Unanimous Decision
11. Genki Sudo Loss Submission
12. Joe Lauzon Loss Unanimous Decision
13. Renato Tavares Win Unanimous Decision
14. Taiyo Nakahara Win Submission
15. Takeshi Yamazaki Win Unanimous Decision
16. Masakazu Imanari Loss Technical Submission
17. Dustin Neace Win Submission
18. Rocky Long Win Submission
19. Jason Bryant Win TKO
20. Yves Edwards Win Unanimous Decision
21. Eben Oroz Win TKO
22. Manny Reyes Jr. Win Submission
23. Jeff Curran Win Unanimous Decision
24. Urijah Faber Win TKO
25. Leonard Garcia Win Submission
26. Urijah Faber Win Unanimous Decision
27. Josť Aldo Loss TKO
28. Anthony Morrison Win Submission
29. Manvel Gamburyan Loss KO
30. Cole Province Win TKO
31. Diego Nunes Loss Split Decision
32. Rani Yahya Loss Unanimous Decision
33. Nam Phan Win Unanimous Decision
34. Daniel Pineda Win Unanimous Decision