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Marvin Hagler

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The Boxer Marvin Hagler


Marvin Hagler brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Marvin Hagler Biography - Marvin Hagler Boxing Record

The Marvin Hagler Biography

Marvin Nathaniel Hagler was born May 23rd 1954 in Newark, New Jersey. Marvin Hagler is a former boxer best known as Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler is a 1 time The Ring Magazine Middleweight Champion, 1 time WBC World Middleweight Champion, 1 time WBA World Middleweight Champion and 1 time IBF World Middleweight Champion.

Marvin Hagler Boxing Record
Total Fights = 67
Total Wins = 62
Total Wins by KO = 52
Total Draws = 2
Total Losses = 3

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Biography

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Boxing Record

Marvin Hagler has beat big names such as Sugar Ray Seales (twice), Kevin Finnegan (twice), Bobby Watts, Alan Minter, Roberto Duran and many more.

Did you know?

  • Marvin Hagler is a legend in the Middleweight division

Marvin Hagler Products

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Autographed / Signed Boxing Glove
Marvelous Marvin Hagler Autographed / Signed Boxing Glove
Marvelous Marvin Hagler Signed Boxing Glove
Marvelous Marvin Hagler Signed Boxing Glove
Marvin Hagler & Thomas Hearns Full Fight Ticket
Marvin Hagler & Thomas Hearns Full Fight Ticket

Marvin Hagler Boxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against  Result Way of Winning
1. Terry Ryan Win KO
2. Sonny Williams Win UD
3. Muhammed Smith Win KO
4. Dornell Wigfall Win PTS
5. Cove Green Win TKO
6. Cocoa Kid Win KO
7. Manny Freitas Win TKO
8. James Redford Win KO
9. Bob Harrington Win KO
10. Tracy Morrison Win TKO
11. James Redford Win TKO
12. Curtis Phillips Win TKO
13. Bobby Williams Win TKO
14. Peachy Davis Win KO
15. Sugar Ray Seales Win UD
16. Morris Jordan Win TKO
17. George Green Win KO
18. Sugar Ray Seales Draw Draw
19. DC Walker Win TKO
20. Dornell Wigfall Win KO
21. Joey Blair Win KO
22. Jimmy Owens Win SD
23. Jimmy Owens Win DQ
24. Jesse Bender Win KO
25. Lamont Lovelady Win TKO
26. Johnny Baldwin Win UD
27. Bobby Watts Loss MD
28. Matt Donovan Win TKO
29. Willie Monroe Loss UD
30. Bob Smith Win TKO
31. DC Walker Win TKO
32. Eugene Hart Win RTD
33. George Davis Win TKO
34. Willie Monroe Win TKO
35. Reggie Ford Win KO
36. Roy Jones Win TKO
37. Willie Monroe Win TKO
38. Ray Phillips Win TKO
39. Jim Henry Win UD
40. Mike Colbert Win TKO
41. Kevin Finnegan Win TKO
42. Doug Demmings Win TKO
43. Kevin Finnegan Win TKO
44. Bennie Briscoe Win UD
45. Willie Warren Win TKO
46. Sugar Ray Seales Win TKO
47. Bob Patterson Win TKO
48. Jamie Thomas Win TKO
49. Norberto Rufino Cabrera Win RTD
50. Vito Antuofermo Draw Draw
51. Loucif Hamani Win KO
52. Bobby Watts Win TKO
53. Marcos Geraldo Win UD
54. Alan Minter Win TKO
55. Fulgencio Obelmejias Win TKO
56. Vito Antuofermo Win RTD
57. Mustafa Hamsho Win TKO
58. William Lee Win TKO
59. Fulgencio Obelmejias Win TKO
60. Tony Sibson Win TKO
61. Wilford Scypion Win KO
62. Roberto Duran Win UD
63. Juan Roldán Win TKO
64. Mustafa Hamsho Win TKO
65. Thomas Hearns Win TKO
66. John Mugabi Win KO
67. Sugar Ray Leonard Loss SD