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Dennis Hallman

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Fighter Dennis Hallman


Dennis Hallman brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Dennis Hallman Biography - Dennis Hallman MMA Record

The Dennis Hallman Biography

Dennis Lloyd Hallman was born December 2nd 1975 in Yelm, Washington. Dennis Hallman is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC.

Dennis Hallman MMA Record
Total fights = 66
Wins = 50
Wins by knockout = 5
Wins by submission = 38
Wins by decision = 6
Wins by DQ = 1
Draws = 2
No Contests = 1
Losses = 13

Dennis Hallman Biography

Dennis Hallman MMA Record

Dennis Hallman has beat big names such as Matt Hughes (twice), Karo Parisyan and more.

Did you know?

  • Dennis Hallman fights with a Grappling style

Dennis Hallman Products

Dennis Hallman MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Zack Gross Win Split Decision
2. Jose De La Cruz Win Submission
3. Sean Haley Win Submission
4. Ulan Moore Win KO
5. Leigh Remedios Win Submission
6. Phil Johns Win Submission
7. Allan Mollring Win Submission
8. Shannon Ritch Win Submission
9. Matt Hughes Win Technical Submission
10. Gerrald Ballinger Win Submission
11. Mike McClure Loss Unanimous Decision
12. Danny Bennett Win Submission
13. Dave Menne Loss Unanimous Decision
14. Caol Uno Loss Unanimous Decision
15. Paul Rodriguez Loss KO
16. Murrey Sholtey Win TKO
17. Jeff Sears Win Submission
18. Jordon Klimp Win Decision
19. Matt Hughes Win Submission
20. Brent Russell Win Submission
21. Dan Shenk Win Submission
22. Eric Dahlberg Win KO
23. Jens Pulver Loss Unanimous Decision
24. Amaury Bitetti Loss Unanimous Decision
25. Mathias Hughes Win Submission
26. Buck Greer Win Split Decision
27. Denis Kang NC No Contest
28. Chris Silva Win Submission
29. Gary Dobbins Win Submission
30. Adam Oliver Win Submission
31. Betiss Mansouri Win Submission
32. Frank Trigg Loss TKO
33. Ronald Jhun Draw Draw
34. Chris Irvine Win Submission
35. Brandon Olsen Win Submission
36. Drew Fickett Loss Split Decision
37. Ray Cooper Win Submission
38. J.T. Taylor Draw Draw
39. Jason Stumpf Win Submission
40. Rob Mendez Win Submission
41. Frank Trigg Loss TKO
42. Mike Seal Win Submission
43. Landon Showalter Win Submission
44. Ross Ebanez Win Submission
45. Rory Singer Win Submission
46. Cedric Marks Win Submission
47. Ansar Chalangov Loss TKO
48. Nick Tyree Win Submission
49. Jorge Rivera Loss Unanimous Decision
50. Ray Perales Win Submission
51. Delson Heleno Win DQ
52. Ryan McGivern Loss Unanimous Decision
53. Jeff Quinlan Win Majority Decision
54. Jeremiah Metcalf Win Submission
55. Danny Ruiz Win Submission
56. Justin Davis Win Submission
57. John Howard Loss KO
58. Ben Saunders Win Unanimous Decision
59. Karo Parisyan Win TKO
60. Brian Ebersole ? August 6th 2011